Xiaomi Notebook Pro Max: An Honest Review

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If you want a laptop that’s lightweight, portable, and powerful, buy the Xiaomi Notebook Pro Max 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake Core i5-11320H 14-Inch Notebook Laptop (16GB/512GB SSD/Windows 11/Lustrous Gray/1.4 KG). This laptop has a 3.1 GHz processor so it can handle all your favorite games, apps and programs without slowing down. The storage on this laptop is also huge at 512GB so you won’t have to worry about running out of space for your videos and files!

Xiaomi’s laptop has a 3-cell Li-Ion battery that helps you work, view movies and listen to songs for longer. The 14-inch screen gives you excellent images with a 3200 x 2000-pixel resolution. Windows 11 comes pre-loaded on this laptop, which means that its hardware and software work properly. It weighs 1.4 kg and is thus easy to carry around. This lustrous gray laptop costs Rs. 55999 and comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro Max Specs

Price in India

The 120G and 120 (without the G for graphics) versions of Xiaomi’s Notebook Pro cost Rs. 69,999 and Rs. 76,999 respectively. The higher-priced edition contains an Nvidia GeForce MX550 GPU in addition to Intel graphics, while both models come with 8th generation Intel Core processors and SSD storage.

Design and features

The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G is a simple laptop with a lovely sandblasted finish. It weighs 1.4kg and isn’t very portable, but it’s not heavy either. It comes with a 100-watt brick-style adaptor instead of a larger wall plug which is becoming increasingly widespread among laptops nowadays.

The laptop’s hinge is solid, and the lid doesn’t shake when typing. The screen has narrow boundaries and room for a webcam. The matte screen is non-reflective–which improves productivity–and has a white backlit keyboard with two brightness levels. A built-in fingerprint sensor on a separate power button lets you log in securely.


The 2560×1600-pixel 16:10 120Hz screen on the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G is its main draw. The resolution and aspect ratio boost productivity by providing more workspace than full-HD. Xiaomi guarantees 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, DC dimming to prevent eye strain from quick flickering, and a 1ms response time. This is a premium laptop, so it’s odd that Xiaomi only offers the Core i5-12450H. A Core i7 version would have been intriguing given what else is included.

This laptop is a 12th Gen model based on the “Alder Lake” architecture and uses a 45W processor with four performance cores and four smaller efficiency cores. It has 12 threads, but it doesn’t have a separate Nvidia GeForce MX550 GPU. The lower-end variety is with me for this review.


The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G is a tiny 14-inch laptop that’s great for reading, spreadsheets and video calls. The display is bright and colorful, but it’s not the best for photo editing because it doesn’t have a high resolution. Motion on this laptop is smooth and responsive; however, I had trouble with the keyboard. After adjusting Windows’ scaling to 175%, everything worked much better for me.

You can choose from three refresh rates in Windows 11 Preferences: 120 Hz, 90 Hz, and 60 Hz. The Alt+F4 shortcut didn’t work unless you pressed the Fn key at the same time–not what we’d expect from a laptop with a full-size keyboard. The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G is great for watching movies and shows on its 14-inch screen, thanks to its full HD resolution. Its stereo speakers are good for dialogue and sound effects but don’t produce much bass or volume when it comes to music. The webcam is OK but nothing special.


The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G is a powerful notebook computer with a 16:10 screen, high resolution, and high refresh rate that makes it better for work than play. It’s a great option for people who want a small computer for use at home or in the office and don’t mind sacrificing battery life and fan noise to get there.

If you’re looking for an ultraportable laptop that’s capable of handling most tasks and offers long battery life, this Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G could be an attractive option. It’s less expensive than many other laptops in its category, but it also has a few downsides–including a lack of ports and a dim display–that might make it harder to recommend. For the same price, you could buy a good gaming laptop, a lighter ultraportable or touchscreen 2-in-1. Buyers must decide if they want the Notebook Pro 120G’s unique features.

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