Marklife P11: An Honest Review

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Marklife P-11 is a multipurpose label printer which also has an Android app or iOS app. This printer delivers light-duty printing of plastic laminated labels and low-priced labels for a small business or home. The features of this printer are affordable like the laminated plastic labels are inexpensive as well as the P-touch cube is about $59.99.

Marklife P11 specs

Print from your phone

The Marklife P11 printer is available in two colors, white and pink. It’s a rectangular block that measures 5.4 by 3 by 1.1 inches (HWD). The side of the printer is beautiful and comfortable to hold, with a charging point for the battery on the bottom. The status light and power switch are on the front; you can change regular text to italic just by pressing a button on its keypad.

Fashion and portable design

The Marklife printer’s design is attractive and stylish. It connects wirelessly to tablets and smartphones so users can label directly from their devices. As it has traditional screen and keyboard access, users can easily print from a computer or laptop. This printer is lighter than most other printers on the market, making it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

Save time and money

This label maker uses no ink or toner, so there’s no need to refill them. It prints faster than other similar machines, with a speed three times faster than a traditional sticker maker and 1 second printing with just one touch of the button. It can be recharged anytime and it saves power by automatically turning off when not in use. The warranty on this label maker is one year long.

Multipurpose using

P11 is a small sticker printer that allows you to organize your room, storage, bath, kitchen and office. It can also be used to label items in your classroom or workplace.

Design your labels

P11 labeler is a mobile app that can be used to label any object with custom text, images, or barcodes. Users can adjust the size and position of their labels, which can include small pictures, text in many different languages, dates, borders, lines, stickers, icons and QR codes.

Multiple types of cute tapes and labels

The Marklife P11 printer tape system can be used for many different types of labels, including color, white, cherry blossoms, fruit, cable labels and rare transparent labels. This long-lasting tape is wipeable and waterproof so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet or damaged. It’s also tear-resistant and self-adhesive so it stays on strongly once you stick it to something. - Article author