King Hasbulla: Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth and More

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Hasbulla is a famous little boy who has gained prominence on the internet. He allegedly turned down $7 million and asked for $20 million for his upcoming fights. Many controversies have been surrounding him, including whether he is a kid, who his parents are or if he is part of Putin’s propaganda machine.

About King Hasbulla

Hasbulla’s appearance

Hasbulla is eighteen kilograms in weight and ninety-three centimeters tall. He has an incredibly high-pitched voice, despite looking like a five-year-old. Due to an unconfirmed illness, he looks like this despite being twenty years old.

Hasbulla’s career and early life

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Hasbulla loves sports and especially mixed martial arts. But he couldn’t find a professional career in the field, so he started making videos for fun where he fought with children pretending to be a mixed martial arts fighter. These videos were funny, and they started gaining tons of followers. One day, one of these videos went viral–it became so popular that it inspired Hasbulla more than anything else ever had before. The popularity of this video landed him an invitation to dinner with some famous UFC fighters.

This was a dream for him and he made it come true.

Though he couldn’t speak a word in English, his humor was universal. People watched his pranks, played with monkeys and saw his brutal honesty on television. He also got into an anticipated fight against the smallest singer, but it didnot happen because Hasbulla demanded 20 million rubbles for it.

People are eagerly waiting to see Hasbulla’s fight, and some think that his participation in a boxing match is unethical. Hasbulla, however, disagrees and says that people with disabilities can also be strong and powerful.

He refused to let his limits dictate how he lived his life. Instead of worrying about what he couldn’t do, he focused on what he could do. For example, instead of thinking about how he couldn’t date a girl and speak English, he decided to study religion. His attitude led him to success.

Allegations about Hasbulla

Hasbulla was once arrested in Dagestan for reckless driving and violating traffic rules. He had been celebrating a wedding party with his friend, who drove at high speeds through town, doing doughnuts in the road. Hasbulla apologized for his behavior and promised not to repeat this again.

A recent allegation online is that he has done animal cruelty. He was seen poking a cat in its ear, and punching its head several times. He shared this disturbing content on the internet, which made his fans angry or unfollow him. Besides this, he has shared many videos where he has passion for animals, but these don’t justify his deeds.

Hasbulla’s medical problems

Hasbulla has dwarfism, a deficiency in growth hormone that keeps him looking much younger than his actual age. This condition is similar to that of Abdu Rozik, Hasbulla’s rival.


What is the net worth of King Hasbulla?

King Hasbulla’s net worth is estimated to be $200000 USD. He has been able to achieve this through monetization on social media and stardom.

He also has a contract with UFC. However, he never reveals the financial details of his contract.

Is Hasbulla is a kid star?

Hasbulla is now 20 years old. He has gained fame through the comic reels he posts on social media, making fun of his disease and his ability to overcome it.

Is Hasbulla rich?

Yes, Hasbulla has earned a high net worth from his social media accounts. His face went viral and no one could stop him from earning so much money. His net worth is around $200,000 U.S. dollars. - Article author