Jabra Elite 45h Review

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Jabra has released a new set of over-ear headphones, the Elite 45h, which do not have any frills but still provide great sound quality and comfort for a reasonable price of $99. These headphones use the same software as some of our favorite, more expensive Jabra models, allowing for custom equalization and other handy features.

Jabra Elite 45h Specification


The Jabra Elite 45h headphones are a high-end pair of on-ear headphones. They seem like any other high-end headphones because they have metal components, but the quality doesn’t leave an impression of cheapness. The outer ear cups tend to get scratched easily, but other parts are made from high-quality plastic. The headband and ear cup exteriors are made from metal, while the headband’s inside and ear cups (made of perforated PU leather) have cushions for added comfort. They are comfortable to wear but don’t come off easily once you’ve adjusted them to fit your head.


The Jabra Elite 45h is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, allowing it to pair with a wide variety of devices. It supports several profiles, including HSP v1.2 and HFP v1.7. You can connect up to eight devices at once, and switch between them by pressing the multifunction button on the device.

High-Quality Sound

The Elite 45h’s 40mm speakers leak sound from the sides because the earcups don’t cover the complete ear. As heard in Ommane Penne (Tamil), vocals are crystal clear and rich in tone. When used with songs like “Play Date”, you can hear crispness in the sound and distinctness of instruments. This is not a headset for those who prioritize low frequencies; however, it does have bass, although it is not strong or thumping. If you’re into electronic dance music that has bassy sounds, these headphones are probably not for you.


The Jabra Elite 45h is the longest-lasting wireless earbud on the market. It offers up to 50 hours of playback time or conversation on a single charge, which can be extended even further by putting the earbuds into Sleep mode when they’re not in use. The Elite 45h also supports rapid charging, which means a full charge with a 500mA USB wall charger takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes. After only 15 minutes of charging, Jabra claims you’ll get up to 10 hours of usage time before needing another charge.


The Jabra Elite 45h is an excellent pair of headphones that costs less than Rs. 10,000 and has a long battery life. The sound quality is top-notch, the companion app is very feature-rich and lets you customize the EQ to your liking, and the design itself is very comfortable. However, the single button for volume and track switching can be frustrating at times because it blends both functions into one action. If you prefer bass-heavy music like EDM, there are other options available that may be better suited to your tastes. In my experience with this pair of headphones, they excel in midrange frequencies where most vocalists sing and instruments like drums reside; they do not have an even tonal signature but are very close to achieving this ideal.


Do the Jabra Elite 45h’s nano-coatings protect against water?

The Jabra Elite 45h does not include nano-coating for water resistance. However, the Elite 85h does include this feature. Both models come with a two-year water and dust guarantee.

Should I buy Beats Solo3 Wireless or Jabra Elite 45h for working out?

The Solo3 Wireless is stylish, but the on-ear fit can be uncomfortable.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless have the Apple W1 processor, which means they pair instantly with iPhones and have more onboard controls than Android phones. They also have a good battery life compared to other wireless headphones.

What can replace the Jabra Elite 45h?

For those looking for a less expensive set of headphones, the JBL Tune 510BT ($27.99 at Walmart) is a good option. These on-ear headphones have multipoint Bluetooth and a good microphone. If you’re looking for something with active noise cancellation (ANC) and an easy-to-use smartphone app, then you might want to consider the JBL Live 660NC ($149 at Amazon). This pair of over-ear headphones has ANC and an easy-to-use smartphone app. Both JBL devices have iOS and Android apps available, though the microphone isn’t quite as good on these ones. The battery life is close at 47 hours, eight minutes.

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