How To Make Money With Beacons AI?

Viewed 33 times is the only platform that lets you combine your social media, website and email on one page. This strategy allows you to collect supporter email addresses, build gorgeous media kits and analyse your website’s traffic.

This article answers the question, “What is” A thorough review of the platform will determine whether it’s safe.

How does Bacon’s AI work? has added 14 creative tools to its artist business platform, increasing the number of features from 3 to 17.

  • A collection of tools to help you set up your own business
  • All the tools in Beacon are linked to the Cortex, which helps producers work more efficiently and earn more.
  • Beacon’s free account gives you access to a variety of tools that can be used to suit any project’s workflow.
  • offers three creator products to help you promote your content and monetize it.
  • Pro Plans let you customize your tools and make them fit your creative needs.

Uses for AI beacons? helps content creators, brands, and influencers build their audience.

Some examples:

  • Beacons AI can help you create lucrative advertising partnerships with brands that are seeking influencers like you.
  • Beacon AI helps you increase views on your media.
  • Beacon AI could make it easier for artists to sell their digital or physical goods to fans.

The price? now offers a more customizable pricing structure.

Here are the current list of topics that each choice covers:

Free package:

All 14 Beacons’ making tools are free, and they always will be.

Pro Plans

Monthly Bio Pro costs $10. Media Kit Pro offers amazing ad tools including a branded domain, which is automatically updated with all your social media data every day. Professional Email Marketer ($13/month) allows you to centralise fan interactions by importing your subscriber list. There are no costs involved in any purchase you make.


Media Kit Pro and Link in Bio More are two tools that help you organize your content and promote it on social media. helps bloggers find their audience and get more traffic.

How to use Beacon’s AI?

Here’s how you can use

Step 1. Create a free account

Go to and click “Sign up”. Use your email or social network profile to create an account.

Step 2: Add your contacts and social media profiles.

After you create your account, your website will open. Include your social media, website, and email in the “Links” page. Add your qualifications and pricing in the “Qualifications” section.

Step 3: Customise your homepage. gives you the ability to customise landing pages for businesses. Change the page’s colours, styles, and layout. Using images and videos on your page will make it more visually appealing and can enhance your brand image.

Step 4: Link your bio

Whenever you’re happy with the changes you’ve made to your landing page, send it to some peers for feedback. You can also add link-in-bio pages to social media, websites, and emails.

In conclusion

Beacons is a good alternative to LinkTree. The platform’s simplicity and personalised domain names for Beacons are its best features. - Article author